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Arizona Optometric Association The vision of the AZOA is to provide doctors with a place to belong with other successful doctors to grow and evolve our profession.


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AZOA has well over 400 members in Arizona, but we represent all the optometrists across the state. We take that role very seriously and are constantly on the watch for state or federal legislation that could impact our memberships’ profession. We’re the voice of Arizona’s optometry profession at the Arizona legislature and are continuously working with local and state government, business and political leaders to ensure the advancement and protection of our patients, members and the profession we’ve dedicated our lives to.

Legislative Updates:By Dr. Annette Hanian

The AZOA Legislation Committee is a huge committee…it includes YOU! Every AZOA member is a member of the committee. Now is your time to participate, on your own schedule. A lot of research and brainstorming goes into our committee actions long before any bill or testimony happens. The months between legislative sessions are when we do that work. Since we all have different schedules and are spread out all over the state, we keep this committee a loose structure. The committee doesn’t have regular meetings to attend or teleconferences, but we do need you to participate.

Specifically, we need everyone’s input on the following:
  • What scope changes do you need in your daily clinical practice that we don’t current have? Specific patient examples are really advantageous. When you come across something in your day to day practice, just send a quick email to tell us about it.
  • What do you think are the best arguments for those changes? This is where the specific patient examples make a difference to legislators. Clinical and didactic arguments are both useful. Make your best case. Just a quick point form email will help.
  • We need published articles that support our position for scope expansion. If you see an article that would help our argument then please send it. More active participation can make for a larger database; a few of us can’t read everything out there but together we can cover more publications.
  • If you have connections and contacts that can be useful, then let us know. You may run across someone that could be helpful at church, or your kid’s school or on vacation…just let us know.
This is all it takes to be an active member of the AZOA Legislation Committee. Basically, if you

See Something, then Say Something.

We need your experience. Send us your thoughts and ideas to at any time, every time so that we can compile our best arguments and build merit for our position.

We can all work together to make Optometry stronger.

The AZOA represents all ODs in AZ and that is why all ODs in AZ need to be members of the AZOA. We are stronger and more effective together.

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