Community Outreach
Part of our responsibility as the leading association for optometrists in Arizona is to make sure that we’re actively engaged in the community and serving the needs of our patients through any vehicles or resources whose efforts align with our mission. AZOA is proud of its involvement in four major statewide charitable activities and organizations designed to bring improved vision and eye health to our community.
Help Us Help Our Communities
Many of our Arizona community members continue to struggle with basic needs. You can help by donating your time to our VISION USA program. With the assistance of community organizations who do our screening -- Salvation Army, Scottsdale HealthCare Outreach Division, Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE), Wellcare Foundation, school nurses and the Lions Clubs-- we are able to provide vision care to our less fortunate citizens. Last year in Arizona, we were able to provide care for hundreds of Arizonans with this program. Our volunteer doctors donate the complete eye examinations and we are able to provide the glasses, when needed, at a cost of only $20.00. We are able to do this with the assistance of our local labs that process the glasses at no charge and frame manufacturers who furnish new frames to us for use in the program. Please consider joining our member optometrists who participate in this yearly program. If interested, please contact Kate at the AZOA office -


Arizona Optometric Association
Serving our Communities Charitable Outreach :

INFANTSEE – Between the ages of 6-12 months, participating optometrists will provide a comprehensive eye assessment at no charge for your infant. Visit today:

VISION USA – If you need an eye exam and do not have insurance and cannot afford a visit to the eye doctor, work with your social worker, case worker, charitable organization or agency to submit an application on your behalf for VISION USA services. Visit:

SPECIAL OLYMPICS – Every April/May, AZOA Optometrists examine and provide eyeglasses for hundreds of athletes. Visit today:

Both the AZOA President and AZOA Executive Director hold ex officio positions on the Board of the AZOCF whose mission is, “To expand eye health and vision care access and promote the visual welfare of the Arizona community. ” Visit today:


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