Equipment Wanted/Sale

Doctor just retired. Used up to April 2021. Valuable tool for diagnosis & to increase practice revenue.

ARIZONA LOCATION ophthalmologist or optometrist practice $3000 (Camera, Dell laptop, Software & Adjustable Table)

This Nidek AFC-230 delivers the innovative non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that integrates every function required for easy retinal screening. Customized built-in functions of the NIDEK AFC-230 / 210 improve the quality and efficiency of medical examinations. High quality retinal imaging and Integrating the innovative imaging optical system, this technologically advanced AFC-230 / 210 realizes digital fundus imaging of high resolution and fine gradation. The fine gradation provides clear and detailed display of the entire fundus image from the light optic disc to a darkened disease area. With noise greatly reduced, the system offers retinal photography with minimum flash exposure allowing quick and efficient fundus photography of both eyes, thereby minimizing patient discomfort. With advanced optical system with large sensor, the AFC-230 / 210 offers high quality image at true 45┬░field of view.


Equipment for Sale! In great condition.
Nidek NT-510 Non Contact Tonometer $3600. I will consider offers.

Contact: Laki De Mel at

Equipment & Dry Eye Products for sale (Phoenix area):
$8,500 Lipiscan (less than 1 year old)

$20,000 LipiFlow (less than 1 year old)

Buy both LipiScan & LipiFlow for $25,000 ($36,000 new)

$200 Electric Adjustable Instrument Table (19.25 in x 16 in)

$1,500 Slit Lamp mounted to electric adjustable instrument table (18.5 in x 14 in)

Reichert XCel 200 mag 10x, 16x, 25x white, red free & blue filters

$300 Dry Eye Retail Products (wholesale cost $500) 1 iChek; 9 Retaine MGD (30 pack); 3 Hypochlor (2 oz) 8 Ocusoft Foam (7.25 ox); 7 Ocusoft Pads (30 pack) 3 Retaine PM; 2 Ocusoft Platinum (1.68 oz); 1 Oust Demodex 14 Bruder Masks


FOR SALE! Like-New Haag Streit Octopus 900 (Static & Kinetic VF)
Perform threshold VF testing in half the time you would with the old Humphrey’s technology! Purchased brand new in December of 2019 with the opening of my new practice and have hardly used it (less than 25 threshold VF’s). I hate to sell it however I simply do not use it enough to get value in keeping it. My demographic is too healthy lol! Paid ~27K, selling for $18K. Firm on price as this machine is pretty much brand new.

Contact: Candria Krywko, OD • • 480.282.2246 (cell)

Equipment for Sale, all in perfect working order (located in Tucson, AZ)
Equipment for Sale, all in perfect working order (located in Tucson, AZ)

• Zeiss IOL Master 500, with power table and printer: PRICE REDUCED $14,500

• DGH Scanmate B-Scan: $4,275 I will consider offers.

Contact me @

Equipment For Sale:
Topcon OC 2200 motorized chair. $2000

S4 Optik 1600 stand. $2000

Meibox Meibomian gland imager $2000

Right Eye Infared eye tracker $4500

Eaglet Scleral Topopgrapher $16,000

Zeiss iprofiler $12,500

Contact: Mark at

Optical Displays For Sale:
Frame optical displays by 'Eye Designs' with dispensing tables for sale. 5 large wall displays with rolling drawers, shelves and 2 dispensing tables. Maple in color with 3 of the displays having glass shelves and 2 having the 'versa' pegboard system. Dispensing tables maple with glass tops. Everything is in perfect condition. Pictures available at request. > Please email or 480-203-5775.

For Sale:
Algerbrush 2 with .5mm burr (plus extra burr) $80 Excellent condition! Please contact Thank you.

Label Printer for Sale Sato CG408TT RS232 or USB connection Ribbon installed

Northwest Valley Eye Care Shelley Sansom 623 933 2013


Optometry Books For Sale:
Optometry text and reference books for sale - all are in excellent/brand new condition. Please contact if interested in one or all of these books. Great deal if you purchase the entire set of books. The bindings look rich and impressive on office shelves!

Clinical Low Vision by Faye. $20

Clinical Ocular Pharmacology (Second edition) by Bartlett and Jaanus $30

Contact Lens Practice (Fourth edition) by Mandell $30

Clinical Optics by Fannin and Grosvenor $20 Adler’s Physiology of the Eye: Clinical Application (Eighth edition) by Moses & Hart $25

Primary Care of the Anterior Segment (Second edition) by Catania $30

Primary Care if the Posterior Segment (Second edition) by Alexander $30

Macular Disorders: An Illustrated Diagnostic Guide by Cavallerano, Gunter & Oshinskie $30

Clinical Management of Binocular Vision (Second Edition) by Scheiman & Wick $45

Basic Pathophysiology (Second edition) by Grier & Shekleton $10

Atlas of Complications in Ophthalmic Surgery by Krupin & Kolker $40

Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology by Spalton, Hitchings & Hunter $40


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