Our Mission
The Arizona Optometric Association is committed to helping optometrists in Arizona serve the welfare of the citizens of Arizona and promoting the profession of optometry.

What We Believe

  • We can do more together

  • If we don’t work together we will lose our right to practice

  • We need each other to enjoy better careers

  • Relationships bring us more collective wisdom

  • Every OD has something to offer the profession

  • Legacy and experience are important

  • We are a powerful voice and we are the only voice for the profession in AZ

Core Values

  • Absolute integrity- Firm adherence to moral or ethical standards. Honorable. The ability to be honest and true, sticking to your morals and principles even when no one is watching.

  • Legislative vigilance- Proactively being alert, mindful, watchful and aware of any legislation or government rules/changes that would impact our profession.

  • Benefit to humanity- Ultimately, our association as well as the decisions we make and programs we run need to be for the benefit of the profession and community. This should be the litmus test for everything we do.

  • Fun- Creating a positive culture through fun experiences and a fun environment. Making the AZOA membership enjoyable and fun to be a part of.


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